9 must-see places to visit in Dalhousie as you travel This Year

Traveling is soul-stirring, and during summers, all of us tend to look for cooler places that make the travel pleasant and make the stay memorable. So, if you are looking for one such destination that can make your summers superb, then Dalhousie is the destination.

Unlike any other hill station, Dalhousie, nestled in the Chamba Valley and popularly called the “Switzerland of India,” is a destination that offers picturesque views, exciting activities, lip-smacking delicacies, and lots of shopping avenues.

Named after Governor-General Lord Dalhousie, who was one of the emissaries of India during the British rule, Dalhousie takes you back in time with its Scottish architecture, and Victorian-style mansions and buildings spread all over the town.

Given that Dalhousie is situated in the far north of Himachal Pradesh at 1,970 meters above sea level, facing the Pir Panjal Range of the Western Himalayas, the climate here stays pleasant and welcoming throughout the year. The best time to visit Dalhousie is March till June and then October to December. During these periods, you can make the most of your trip with pleasant weather and exciting cultural festivals being hosted around the town.

If you’re a family, the picnic spots and charming homestay options at Dalhousie will bring you closer to one another. If you are a couple seeking some peaceful time, Dalhousie is the ultimate spot for you. The beautiful Victorian-style architecture of this place sets the right tone for a romantic time with your loved one. On the other hand, the gamut of adventure sports attracts friends and solo travelers in great numbers. The hill station offers you a rather silent and poetic nightlife. So, here we bring you 9 must-see places to visit in Dalhousie that encompass places to visit, activities to do, and delicacies to try as a traveler. 

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Places to visit in Dalhousie:

Nestled in the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas, Dalhousie is said to be a peaceful and scenic hill station. The ideal time to witness the breathtaking views of snow-covered peaks, verdant landscapes, and colonial-style buildings is from March to May. 

Whether you plan your trip in summer, winter or monsoon, consider exploring the top tourist places in Dalhousie listed below. 

  1. Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary: A trip to Dalhousie is incomplete if you don’t visit Khajjiar. Khajjiar is one of the places to visit in Dalhousie that has many attractions that attract tourists of all age groups. One of the biggest attractions is the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary. This place is home to various animal species like Eurasian Jay, Black Headed Jay, and the Black Bird. Once you are done hiking at the sanctuary, you can sit back and enjoy the view and boat ride at the Chamer Lake.
kalatop wildlife sanctuary
  1. Panchpula: Panchpula meaning five bridges that blend five streams coming together to form one fall, is a magnificent waterfall, making it one of the major Dalhousie attractions. The fresh, foamy water of this waterfall serves as the main source of the water supply of this town. Hence, your trip to Dalhousie must include a visit to Panchpula.
  1. Dainkund Peak: If you love trekking and adventure, then Dainkund Peak is one of the places to visit in Dalhousie that you shouldn’t miss. Dainkund is one of the highest points of Dalhousie and is popularly known as the singing hill. This place boasts a colorful flower valley, calm deodar forest, and lush green grounds, making it a perfect spot to picnic or spend time with nature.
Dainkund Peak
  1. Rang Mahal: A palace built in the 18th century, Rang Mahal is one of the grandest monuments of the region, boasting an incredible amalgamation of Mughal and British architecture. This palace was augmented by Raja Umed Singh, which remains one of the most popular attractions of Dalhousie. In addition to the architectural excellence, the palace has more to offer, embellished with royal paintings, traditional arms and armor, musical instruments, ancient coins, and ornamental objects; the palace has a lot to take in and admire.
Rang Mahal
  1. Subhash Baoli: Dip in the emotion of patriotism at the Subhash Baoli. It is named after Subhash Chandra Bose, and it is a recurring and enduring natural spring known for its medicinal properties. Hidden in the dense trees, this place is perfect for evening walks and relaxation. Tourists who stay around make it a point to take morning or evening walks around this place.
Subhash Baoli
  1. Chamunda Devi Temple: A devotional touch on vacation is not a bad idea. So, while you are in Dalhousie, do visit Goddess Chamunda Devi. Built 750 years back, this temple is considered one of the oldest in the region and is believed to have a spiritual aura attracting both national and international tourists alike.
Chamunda Devi Temple


  1. Old Sher-e-Punjab Dhaba: There are almost three restaurants in Dalhousie with the same name; hence, we would like to emphasize “Old” here because that is the best. One of the oldest eateries in Dalhousie, Old Sher-e-Punjab Dhaba, serves authentic, delectable, and incredible flavors of Indian cuisine. Located in central Dalhousie at Subhash Chowk, Amritsari kulcha, chana masala, biryani, chat-pata buttermilk, and tandoori paratha are some of the favorite picks from an elaborately delicious menu that you should try to indulge. Apart from this, Dalhousie has various other café and street food options. Momos and Maggie are available in almost every eatery.
Old Sher-e-Punjab Dhaba
  1. Moga’s Café: If you are not in the mood to indulge in heavy Indian cuisine but are in the mood to have some iced tea with pasta and more, then Moga’s café is your destination. Pizzas, Burgers, Milkshakes, and more are available to satiate your taste buds.
Moga’s Café

Shop up

  1. Tibetan Market: A trip to the hill station is incomplete without shopping, right? So be ready to shop till you drop. Pull on your shoes, carry the biggest bag, and set out to explore the Tibetan Handicrafts market in Subhash Chowk. You will find traditional carpets to wall hangings, intricate jewelry to bags, and warm shawls to fashionable scarves. All you need is an eye to pick your favorite and patience to bargain.
Tibetan Market

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All this place asks is to unwind and breathe, find the quiet and loosen up to recalibrate your life. These nine amazing places to visit in Dalhousie will do their best to make the most of your trip here. This amazing hill station in Himachal Pradesh is quiet with a calm atmosphere; hence, it is best suited for tourists and travelers seeking serenity.


Dalhousie is a paradise for travellers who enjoy natural beauty, history, and adventure. With its stunning views of the Himalayan range, lush green valleys, and colonial-era architecture, this town has something for everyone. Many must-see locations in Dalhousie provide a distinctive and life-changing experience. It can range from the trekking trails of Panchpula to the adventure spot, Dainkund Peak. Visitors can enjoy these popular tourist destinations year-round with proper planning and preparation. Dalhousie guarantees an unforgettable time that will leave you with priceless trip memories. So, gather your belongings and travel to this scenic hill station in Himachal Pradesh to experience its unrivalled beauty and charm!