Have you ever considered visiting some tranquil places? Of course, you have! In India, many undiscovered locations await you to indulge in them. Nothing compares to being in a serene area with a lovely view and no outside influences. It is possible to experience beauty when you are by yourself and sense a connection to the natural environment. Dalhousie is one such place. Roll down to this amazing spot in Himachal and settle down in a peaceful hotel in Dalhousie for a truly blissful experience. 

Dalhousie – The perfect getaway in Himachal

Dalhousie is a tiny paradise with spectacular green valleys and swiftly flowing rivers that mesmerise the tourists at every turn. Dalhousie lies in Himachal Pradesh on the western flank of the massive Himalayan Dhauladhar range. With stunning scenery and rugged mountain cliffs, the place is a haven for tourists throughout the year.

People who wish to unwind all their worries in a peaceful location will find Dalhousie great. You can go on a trip, take a nice long stroll in the woods, or enjoy Dalhousie’s historic charm. The summer months, which are between April and September, are the ideal time to explore this lovely hill station. It is also the busiest travel period. While Dalhousie’s summers are pleasant and temperate, the temperature rarely drops below freezing point. 


Rediscover yourselves 

In the hill station, you will find a serene setting away from the chaos and pollution of the city. This hill station is a godsend for peace lovers. Notably, the natural spring in Karelanu has a fascinating past. It is one of Dalhousie’s natural healing spots with a natural spring renowned for its therapeutic or medicinal qualities. One of India’s greatest independence fighters, Subhash Chandra Bose, had tuberculosis and used to frequently visit Karelanu and drink from the spring’s priceless natural water. 

Exciting Adventures in Dalhousie – Horse riding, speed boating, paragliding, and hiking

There is no shortage of adventures in Dalhousie. Pack a picnic beside the glistening Khajjiar Lake, hike up to the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, or trek to Dainkund Peak. Or if you feel like having an adrenaline rush, look at the following activities.


Boating in Taleru’s Chamera Lake is an activity that every adventure lover should try. You have a choice of boats, including speedboats, group-sharing boats, and Kashmiri Shikaras. The months of April and November are ideal for boating in Dalhousie. 

Horse Riding 

Try riding a horse if you are in Dalhousie. It is one of the enjoyable ways to discover the lovely hill station. You won’t soon forget taking a horse across the gorgeous valley. The area around Subhash Chowk is dotted with horse riding merchants.


The journey to Sach Pass is among the most popular and challenging treks in Dalhousie. Additionally, the Dalhousie and Chamba trip has a sizable following of trekkers. So get ready and give your all for some incredible hiking in Dalhousie.


Paragliding is for you if you want something to quench your thirst for an exciting adventure. It’s a unique experience to view this pristine hill station’s stunning environment from above. To make it more interesting, you can combine paragliding with hand gliding and skydiving.

Dalhousie – the enchanting hilltown

For newlyweds looking for a romantic getaway, the mist-covered mountains, rich vegetation, and comfortable weather make the perfect setting. The most romantic time of year to visit Dalhousie is during the winter, not just because of the cosy weather but also because it is the least busy. The perfect time to visit Dalhousie is October to February.

It is important to ask where to stay in Dalhousie before visiting. Because the stay describes your impression of the place. There are several hotels in Dalhousie, but choosing a hotel in Dalhousie that is at the heart and is within close range of nearby tourist locations is hard. If you are a traveller looking for an ideal place to stay in Dalhousie, Elginhall should be at the top of your list. 


Elgin hall – The perfect homestay

The original Elgin Hall, which bore Lord Elgin’s name, was built in 1857 and was a traditional British residence with a distinctive colonial air.

Immerse yourselves in the colonial architecture among pine-clad trees at Dalhousie’s luxury boutique five-star hotel, Elgin Hall, a restored retreat in the laps of the mountains and nestled amongst deodar trees.

Elgin Hall is an ideal hotel in Dalhousie for couples, families, travellers, and business travellers searching for the perfect workstation spot. It is a 7-room homestay with complimentary breakfast and free WiFi.


Elgin Hall is a short stroll from Gandhi Chowk Market, and Khajji Naga Shrine is 2 miles (3 km) away. 

Charm of ElginHall 

Built in 1857, the Elgin Hall is a quaint boutique hotel nestled in Dalhousie. Before its revival, it was a vintage British lodging with a colonial touch. Each element at Elgin Hall is reminiscent of old-world luxury blended with modern facilities. Originally a summer escape, this charming historic property sits in a picturesque location in Dalhousie.

Throughout Elgin Hall, colonial beauty and modern conveniences are combined to provide an experience unlike any other.


A royale experience—rooms, services, and food

The Victorian-inspired interior design enhances the beauty of the infrastructure. Even after years of reconstruction, the old-world charm is still present because of the sustainable luxury standards.

The rooms span from Rustic Brown to French White to Ocean Teal to Lyon Mint to Opal Blue to Soft Taupe, each with a unique colour scheme and furnished in soft pastels and clean white furnishings that is inspired by the Victorian era. The hotel boasts a reading room that has a serene vibe, perfect for unwinding a book with a warm cup of tea. Elgin hall offers premium amenities like free Wi-Fi, centralized heating in rooms, king-size beds, and safety deposit boxes in every room. They also provide high-quality bath amenities and twenty-four-hour room service.

Elginhall ensures a splendid stay with floral cushioning, classy English teacups, and delicate chinaware. Enjoy cookouts, careless brunches, and British-themed high tea celebrations on the personal lawns surrounded by mountains. 


A curated lifestyle

Travellers are on the lookout for mind-blowing experiences. Elgin Hall understands and provides a lifestyle curated to fit a truly blissful natural experience. Wake up to the sweet smell of pine through your suite as the Himalayan Monal chirps softly outside your window. The surroundings of Elgin Hall help you reconnect with nature. Loosen up and recalibrate your life among these calming meadows.

Symbol of security

This hotel in Dalhousie has strict health, hygiene, and safety policies in place. Elgin Hall’s ‘We Care’ program addresses the well-being of guests. It ensures proper and increased sanitization measures around the property. The care staff disinfects the space with thorough and repeated cleaning of high-contact surfaces. Masks and gloves are handed over to the guests upon arrival and they are requested to follow social distancing measures. It is a ‘people first’ initiative, serving as a sign of comfort and confidence to the travellers.


Final Words 

People visit Dalhousie throughout the year. But if couples are browsing a location that is not too crowded to enjoy some private time, Dalhousie is the place to be. The town looks rather lovely and romantic during this season, with lush, green woodlands that sparkle with rainwater. The monsoon season begins in June and lasts until mid-September. The weather is generally mild, with only a few light showers now and then. Visit Dalhousie next monsoon if you are looking for a change of scene and not a full-fledged vacation.