9 Cafes & restaurants in Dalhousie that Foodies must-visit

A mesmerizing place spread across 5 hills in the north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, Dalhousie is the perfect destination for tourists seeking tranquillity and peace. With misty valleys, snow-capped mountains, lush greenery, and colonial-era architecture, Dalhousie has a lot to offer. Apart from an abundance of things to do and places to visit, Dalhousie also hosts a vibrant local culture which is depicted in the overall experience of the town. Travelers can find a wide range of places to eat in Dalhousie that would truly enrich their travel experience.


1) Kwality Restaurant

Located in the bustling Gandhi Chowk, Kwality Restaurant is one of the most popular places to eat in Dalhousie. The restaurant specializes in Asian and Indian cuisines and has options for all meals – from breakfast to dinner and even for some evening snacks. The ambiance of the restaurant is really warm, providing some quiet space in the midst of chaos. Some of the must-try dishes here include Noodles, Starter Platters, and Aloo Paranthas.

This place is popular among non-vegetarians for its delicious Chilli Chicken, Saag Chicken, and different kinds of non-vegetarian sizzlers. In Dalhousie’s winters, this restaurant is the perfect go-to place to enjoy a hot cup of chai with snacks. The cafe operates from 9.30 am to 10.30 pm. The restaurant is Vegetarian Friendly and also offers Vegan and Gluten-Free Options. Ideally, for 2 people it would be around Rs1500 to have a sumptuous meal.

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Kwality Restaurant

Location: MDR49, Moti Tiba, Dalhousie

2) Bon Appetit Bakes n Fries Restaurant

Bon Appetit is a small restaurant in Dalhousie famous for its delicious snacks and a wide range of non-vegetarian food. For non-vegetarians, this place is heaven as there is an abundance of non-vegetarian dishes made with great quality chicken and offered at affordable prices. The restaurant cum café boasts delicious finger food including french fries, sandwiches, and grilled toast, among others. After a day of shopping and strolling along the Mall road, travelers can seek respite in the amazing food at Bon Appetit.

The dips and sauces available here are a must-try. If you are someone who loves the experience of food more than the comfort of sitting at a fancy restaurant, then this modestly built café is the perfect place for you! This restaurant operates from 10.30 am to 9 pm. The restaurant offers lunch, dinner, and snacks. The place is Vegetarian Friendly and has Vegan Options too. About Rs800 is good for two for a tasty meal.

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Bon Appetit Bakes n Fries Restaurant

Location: The Mall, Gandhi Chowk, Mall Road, Dalhousie

3)   Mogas Café

Mogas Café is a popular eating joint near Gandhi Chowk. The Café specializes in western flavors and some of the favorite items include pizza, burgers, and other fast food. The café is among the few places which are vegetarian and vegan friendly. The multi-cuisine food at the café makes it an ideal place for family outings as it has various food items loved by kids. The café has a soothing experience with tasteful décor and old western songs playing in the background.

The prices too are reasonable. All in all, the Mogas café is a cozy place that offers delectable multi-cuisine meals, perfect to unwind after a long day. The place is peaceful and would cost around Rs1200 for 2 people. The place is open all day long.

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Mogas Café

Location: Gandhi Chowk, the Mall, Dalhousie

4)   Old Sher-e-Punjab Dhaba

Old Sher-e-Punjab Dhaba would take you on a culinary expedition to explore the beautiful flavors of Punjab. Located in Subash Chowk, this wonderful eatery is one of the oldest and most popular places to eat in Dalhousie. The ambiance of the Dhaba would immerse you in the local cultural traditions of North India while the service would leave you in awe. The most famous dishes here include Amritsari kulcha, tandoori parathas vegetarian biryani, and chana masala.

A refreshing glass of buttermilk (lassi) perfectly complements the delicious food. Even though the chefs here specialize in Punjabi cuisine, there are numerous options for Gujarati, Bengali, and Chinese delicacies as well, ensuring that there’s something for everyone! The place also offers Vegan versions of the dishes. The place is budget-friendly and would cost around Rs1200 maximum for 2 people.

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Location: Subhash Chowk, Dalhousie

5) Moti Mahal

Moti Mahal in Dalhousie is a part of the famous chain of restaurants and truly lives up to its name. Even though the restaurant serves a wide variety of cuisines, each meal is given the same level of attention to detail and leaves the customers happy and satisfied. The service here is remarkable and can handle orders efficiently even during busy hours.

The portion sizes and the diversity in food options make it a perfect place for families. Whether it is scrumptious paranthas for breakfast or pizza for dinner, Moti Mahal has got all your meals covered. The vegetarian thalis are decently priced and would offer exquisite flavors all in one. The place operates from 10 am to 10 pm. The place offers food all through the day. The place is pocket friendly and 2 people could comfortably indulge in good food for Rs1000.

Location: Subhash Chowk Dalhousie, Dalhousie

6)   Tiffins Restaurant

Located in the Grand View Hotel, Tiffins restaurant offers one of the most lavish buffets spread in Dalhousie. This famous restaurant serves Chinese, Indian, Italian, and Continental Cuisine with options of both buffet and a-la-carte. The lounge bar adds a magical touch to the dining experience with beautiful interiors and a relaxing vibe.

A coffee shop on the roof is perfect for cozying with a hot cup of coffee in winter. One can simultaneously enjoy panoramic views of the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas. With a comprehensive menu, remarkable service, and aesthetically pleasing interiors, the Tiffins restaurant is a wonderful experience in itself.

Location: Grand View Hotel, Near Dalhousie Club, Moti Tiba, Dalhousie

7) Café Dalhousie

Café Dalhousie is one of the oldest and most popular cafes in Dalhousie. Located on the lower floor of Hotel Dalhousie, the café is a quaint place welcoming travelers to its old-world charm. The café offers South Indian, Chinese and Indian dishes and specializes in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies. The desserts here are out of the world especially homemade cakes and pancakes. Offering breath-taking scenic views, the restaurant is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the simple joys of delicious food!

Start your morning here with their famous breakfast menu of scrambled eggs, peanut butter toast, and a coffee, or stop in for a quick evening snack. For a tranquil food experience and great hospitality, visit Café Dalhousie and you would not be disappointed.

 Café Dalhousie

Location: MDR 49, Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh, India

8)   Tandon Food Corner

Also known as TFC, Tandon Food Corner is a quaint breakfast and snack eatery in Dalhousie. Located at the corner of the main market, the food corner provides a much-needed break from shopping and strolling around. The wide range of fast food including pizzas, burgers, and French fries makes the Food Corner popular among tourists, especially young travelers. If you are traveling with your friends do visit Tandon Food Corner for delicious snacks and prompt service.

It is one of the popular spots to have delectable momos, sandwiches, garlic bread, and a range of contemporary mocktails that perfectly complement the food. For great quality food at affordable prices, make sure to visit Tandon Food Corner! This place operates 9 am-11 pm and by far is the youngsters’ favorite. Rs500 is more than sufficient to binge eat.

Tandon Food Corner

Location: Chamba District, near Gandhi Chowk, Dalhousie

9) The Kettle House

The Kettle House is one of the most unique restaurants in Dalhousie. As the name suggests, the décor and the concept of the restaurants are based on kettles which gives the interiors a beautiful and special look. If the ambiance is mesmerizing, the food too isn’t far behind with a wide range of cuisines tastefully prepared and promptly served. There are options for both buffet and a-ala-carte. Apart from offering Chinese and Indian delicacies, the restaurant is one of the few restaurants in Dalhousie which serve great Italian food. After a scrumptious meal, do not forget to order the Shahi Tukda in the desserts as this amazing sweet dish would add the final touch to an amazing meal!

This place can be the one that opens the earliest. It operates from 8.30 am to 11 pm. The place offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It would approximately be Rs1800 for 2 people.

Location: Moti Tiba, Dalhousie


Food is an experience and with these top cafes in Dalhousie, you are sure to move around the world just with the food on your plates. These restaurants & cafes in Dalhousie are sure to make your holiday trip memorable with their ambiance, delicacies, and great hospitality. So, put a pin on these wonderful places and the next time you visit, plan your itinerary around the best places and the stay in Dalhousie for a complete rejuvenating holiday experience.